GIG-GOERS have hit out at organisers over the “farcical organisation” of Friday’s (June 17) Duran Duran concert at Castle Howard.

Chris Ayres, 54, from Poppleton, was at the concert and complained of three hour long waits for food along with difficulty leaving the car park.

Mr Ayres waited the entirety of the concert before being served food 20 minutes after it ended at around 11pm, queueing in turns with family members.

The family also had to switch vendors last minute as their original food stall had run out of food.

A spokesperson for the event’s organiser, Senbla, said: “Due to supply and staffing issues, we were let down by a variety of food traders who had to pull-out at the last minute. That, combined with the high demand for food caused long queues and waiting time.

“To ensure this doesn’t happen again, we are taking this up with Peppermint, the company contracted to provide the traders, to ensure a much larger capacity of food offering at all future shows.

"We sincerely apologise for the inconvenience caused.”

Mr Ayres also complained that bar staff had to open all drinks and were doing so without wearing gloves.

He described this as “really ridiculous in a post-Covid world.”

The spokesperson for Senbla said: “There are two reasons we remove the bottle tops and open cans. 

"Firstly, should someone get a little over excited and throw their sealed bottle or can containing liquid into the crowd or onto the stage it could hit someone and cause an injury. By taking the top off or opening the can there is less chance of someone being injured.

"Secondly, a bottle without its lid or open can is less of a trip hazard, as these will just crush on the floor. For the same reasons, we serve anything which must be in a cup in a crushable disposable cup/can.

“All health and safety standards – especially in relation to hygiene are adhered to.”

Mr Ayres said that the parking for the event was also badly managed.

Senbla, had organised parking with a £10 parking charge in place, which could be booked online or on the day.

Mr Ayres described leaving the event as a “free for all”, with cars rushing to get out of the car park resulting in around eight unofficial traffic lanes being created.

A spokesperson for Senbla said: “Senbla have a robust traffic management plan in place – with the very nature of such a large event, the local road infrastructure will be temporarily impacted. Whilst customers have experienced understandable delays, we thank them for their patience with this matter.” 

Senbla are also organising the Chemical Brothers concert at Castle Howard this Sunday (June 26).

A spokesperson for Senbla said: “Working with our contractors we will be making improvements to provide an overall better experience, especially relating to the food traders which are contracted by Peppermint.”