The Love Island drama is well and truly kicked off as last night’s episode saw new girl Danica steal Luca from Gemma and the recoupling leaving Remi single and sadly dumped from the island.

In place of Luca, Gemma chose to couple up with Davide once again as everyone else stuck with their previous partners.

However, viewers heard doubts from Dami about his and Amber’s relationship, stating how he might have feelings for Indiyah.

In tonight’s episode, Dami and Indiyah have a chat and discuss if they have a connection.

York Press: Dami (ITV)Dami (ITV)

Dami pulls Indiyah for a chat on tonight's Love Island

“Do you feel like we have a connection?” Dami asks.

Indiyah says: “We get along.”

Dami replies: “Yeah but do you feel like we’ve ever had a spark?”

Indiyah says: “I feel like we’ve not been able to explore that and obviously I feel like we do get along but we’ve never actually looked at each other in that light.”

Dami asks Indiyah: “Would you like to explore it?

Indiyah says: “I think you know and everybody else knows that if there was somebody else that I would get to know, it would’ve been you but we just never went down that path.”

Dami tells Indiyah: “I am actually open to exploring you because I feel like I don't want to just coast in here and I feel like with you it’s just easy for me.”

Speaking In the Beach Hut, Indiyah says: “That energy I have with Dami, I don’t have with Ikenna.”

This comes as Indiyah and Ikenna start to question their connection.

She pulls him for a chat and says: “I wanted to catch up with you and just have an open and honest conversation about how you actually think we are?”

She adds: “Obviously I know we’ve been in here for like two weeks and we’ve been getting to know each other but an observation from me, I feel like I should know more about you and we should connect more.”

Ikenna questions: “So you feel like there’s something missing?” to which Indiyah answers: “Yeah, but I don’t know if you feel the same way?”

Ikenna goes on to tell Indiyah: “Do you know what I’ve noticed as well that you and Dami get on.”

Find out what happens in tonight’s episode.

Love Island continues tonight at 9pm on ITV2 and ITV Hub. Episodes are available the following morning on BritBox.