"Will the bearded cyclist of Marygate please accept my apology"

ON Wednesday evening, June 16, at about 9.20 pm I walked into the Marygate Car Park from Marygate Lane where I met my friend as he was leaving the car park on his bicycle.

He stopped to give me space to walk through the narrow entrance whereupon I peered into his face and made a cheeky comment about his beard getting scruffy and making him look old.

We often banter with each other.

My friend then rode off rather abruptly.

Fearing that I might have offended him I phoned him the following day to say sorry if I had upset him.

Imagine my surprise and embarrassment when he told me that he had not left by that exit and I had not spoken to him!

In fact, I had been guilty of rudeness to a complete stranger who, unfortunately was the spitting image of my friend.

Hoping that the tall, athletic, bearded gentleman whom I did unwittingly insult is a reader of The Press - and may I offer to him my most sincere apology.

Name and address supplied


We can't believe the Government

WE are led to believe the Linton on Ouse proposal is on hold and a final decision has yet to be made but recruitment for staff is taking place and deliveries of equipment and materials arrives regularly.

We are invited to look at the government “fact sheet”.

Is this printed on toilet paper? It might as well be because we cannot believe anything the government tells us.

Matthew Laverack

Eldon Street



LNER train drivers are not on strike

AS a train driver employed by London North Eastern Railways ( LNER), I feel that your correspondent Dr Scott Marmion needs to check a few facts before passing comment.

He states that drivers are holding the country to ransom…how?

LNER drivers haven’t been balloted regarding industrial action and therefore will be working as normal during the planned dispute.

I myself haven’t been involved in any industrial action since 1982 and I reckon Dr Marmion should research the situation better.

Alan Priestman,

Hull Road,



Bring in waiting times on Knavesmire Road

KNOWING Cllr D’Agorne’s loathing of motorists, if he is allowed to bring in parking charges for Knavesmire Road (The Press, 17 June), who knows where he will expand his vendetta towards the car?

A solution to commuter parking would be to bring in a three-hour waiting limit, which would mean sporting teams and other regular users of the Knavesmire could still enjoy their pursuits.

Geoff Robb,

Hunters Close,



Team needed to search for ethics at No 10

TROUBLE is ‘Boris the Bounder’ is one of the few people still labouring (inappropriate word!) under the impression that ethics is the most southerly county of East Anglia.

Johnson was good at Classical Greek and Latin, though perhaps not so hot on geography.

Due to Johnson’s misapprehension about the remit of Lord Geidt, thinking he was a sort of Essex ombudsman, an honourable yet exasperated Lord Geidt resigned.

He, and we, thought he’d been appointed to keep a beady eye on the ethics of the PM and his retainers.

Perhaps a forensic team is needed to search for traces of ethics at no 10?

Derek Reed,

Middlethorpe Drive,



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