A YORK business has been ranked the UK's top company for senior leadership.

Veterinary healthcare provider VetPartners claimed the number one spot in the list of the top 25 UK companies, compiled by Glassdoor, which provides insights about jobs and companies.

Thirteen industries were represented on the list which was based on the input of UK-based employees who voluntarily provide anonymous feedback about their company, along with insights into their job, work environment and employer over the past year.

“Covid-19 tore up the traditional rules of management, and it is the companies that embraced the changes this offered and focused on employee experience that are recognised on Glassdoor’s Top UK Companies for Senior Leadership list,” said Lauren Thomas, Glassdoor EMEA economist.

“Inspirational senior leadership is a sign of a united company with an engaged, motivated and satisfied workforce. The companies on our list share a transparent approach to management and offer strong culture and values.”

York-headquartered VetPartners, in the top spot, was rated 4.7 out of five.

Led by vets, VetPartners was founded by Jo Malone in 2015 and has grown to have more than 185small animal, mixed, farm and equine practices.

It employs more than 7,000 people across nearly 550 sites in the UK, and has expanded into Spain, Switzerland, France, Italy and Germany.

The group has diversified and now includes pet cremation services, an online retailer, a small animal veterinary nursing school, an equine nursing school, laboratories and a locum agency.

Tech is the most represented industry on the list.

Other sectors include utilities, construction - with Barratt Developments, which has sites in and around York, at number 11, - and hospitality.

The Glassdoor economics research team found that the quality of senior leadership is one of the most critical drivers of employee satisfaction in the UK and ranks above salary, work-life balance and career opportunities.

Analysing the anonymous reviews of nearly 370,000 employees, the Glassdoor economics research team learned that workers describe strong senior leadership in five ways: supportive, friendly, aApproachable, flexible, and dependable.

The reviews were taken from UK-based full and part-time employees between April 2021 and April 2022, and included only companies with at least 1,000 global employees and 30 senior leadership ratings in the time period considered.

The UK’s ten best companies for senior leadership are:

VetPartners was rated 4.7 out of five.

The top ten

VetPartners (rated 4.7 out of 5)

GTB (4.6)

ServiceNow (4.6)

Awin (4.5)

Taboola (4.5)

Robert Walters (4.5)

MongoDB (4.5)

Randstad Sourceright (4.5)


Octopus Energy (4.5)