AN ALTERNATIVE market, which explores a range of themes, is coming to a York venue this summer.

Left Hand Bazaar events, who are organising this market in York, completely transform venues into an amplified version of whatever season they are taking on.

A spokesperson said: "We tackle three of the five senses, scent, sight and sound, and we present challenging, thought-provoking art and champion independent alternative sellers, who have items that you can buy.

"It's essentially an art installation crossed with an alternative market.

"We've got a very strong theme for this next one, based around summertime and ritual, with nature taking the forefront, as it always does at our events."

There will be a free gift for the first 100 people to attend. Last time attendees got to choose between dream herbs, or nightmare herbs.

The market will be held on August 28 upstairs at The Artful Dodger bar in York.

"Children can come to the market, but it deals with adult themes, so it’s up to their parents whether or not they bring them along," the spokesperson added.

It’s free entry and is from 11am until 4pm.