A YORK music exhibition will look back at a genre’s golden era.  

Punk York 1977 looks back to the 1970s when punk music exploded onto the UK music scene and changed it forever.

The exhibition, which is being held at The Vaults in Nunnery Lane on Saturday, June 25, will showcase photographs of York’s punk scene, taken by Nev Astley.

It is being held to celebrate 45 years since the birth of punk music in the UK.

York Press: Picture: Nev AstleyPicture: Nev Astley

Nev, who is from York, captured major bands like The Jam as well as local bands such as Cyanide as they passed through the city.

He said: “After seeing my first punk gig in 1977 (Cyanide) I realised I had to take my second hand 35mm camera along to capture the energy of the gigs.

“It’s easy to forget that back in the 70s people didn’t walk around with cameras like today unless it was a special occasion - even then there’ll be more pictures taken today of people's lunch than all the pictures of the 1977 Silver Jubilee”. 

The images are featured in an 84 page hardback book, and are available to buy for £20.

Posters will also be for sale at the event and all proceeds will go to York food bank charities. 

York Press: Picture: Nev AstleyPicture: Nev Astley

Nev will also be present on the day to sign copies of the book.

He said: “Most of the photos are of local bands - mainly Cyanide and Sema 4 and their followers - but there is a sprinkling of big name bands that passed through like The Jam, The Damned, Chelsea, UK Subs, Deaf School, The Rich Kids, The Raincoats, Otway and Barratt, and more.”

Films will be shown on the day, allowing event-goers to witness what the York punk scene was like, from those who were there.

These include a film by Sean Parkin, featuring Nev’s photographs and music from the time.

The day will offer a chance to relive the special time in music history and fashion.

York Press: Picture: Nev AstleyPicture: Nev Astley

Music from the era will play all day, including a live vinyl DJ set from Brain Walker, and into the night by Blank Generation.

Speaking of the York punk scene, Nev said: “Before punk there’d be a music gig once every few weeks at York University costing an extortionate £2 or £3.

"When punk came about the music scene exploded. There were several bands a week (even a day) in the pubs and clubs for 70p.”

The event will be held from 3pm at the York Vaults and will run until the venue closes at 1.30am.

Nev said: “I’m looking forward to photographing old mates alongside their photos when they were crazy teenagers - and of course we’re all going to look even better now! Because 65 is the new 20!”

More information about the event can be found here: https://www.facebook.com/events/741292383917406/?active_tab=discussion