I’ve liked and appreciated the Yorkshire Wolds since childhood, long before David Hockney so gloriously painted them. I even preferred the region to the Dales and Moors.

So it’s good news that the area is a Natural England candidate for designation as an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (Call to mark Wolds’ beauty, June 15).

I note that Ryedale District Council is supporting the proposal though I’m not sure how much of the Wolds falls within their bailiwick. The vast majority of the area must be in the East Riding, though I did give up Geography in the Third Year!

The exact extent of the Wolds seems to be at issue, with concern that crucial parts might be omitted if and when the boundary of the AONB is determined. Perhaps there is a variety of ideas as to what comprises the Wolds. Is there a clear line, perhaps in chalk?

As a child I travelled around the area a lot with my Dad in his van. His job entailed calls on numerous farms in the area.

Included in my perception of the Yorkshire Wolds area were Pocklington, Millington Pastures, Garrowby, Beverley, Flamborough Head, Staxton Wold, of course with a clue in its name, the marvellously named Thwing, Fridaythorpe and Foxholes, to mention just a few places.

I wonder if there is a clear definition of the Yorkshire Wolds; is there a definitive answer as to what’s in them and what’s not?

Derek Reed, Middlethorpe Drive, York