I was disappointed to see York’s Labour group come out against the delivery of Haxby Station (Letters, June 15).

Let’s be frank, the only realistic location is the Towthorpe Road site.

The suggestion of other, theoretically ‘better’ sites, is a red herring. The council undertook a full comparison of the two most plausible sites and the conclusion was clear.

Whilst the Towthorpe Road site is on the edge of Haxby, the Station Road site would involve ripping out allotments, is closer to the schools and is half the size.

The time needed to clear legal hurdles that don’t exist at Towthorpe Road would lead to the loss of any chance of Government funding.

It is only due to the Lib Dem and Green council’s willingness to think outside the box that we have a realistic prospect of a new station to serve our community.

There remain many hurdles to overcome, but I can assure Cllr Melly, having spent considerably more time than ‘a day at a consultation event’ speaking to local residents, that the most common response is ‘get it done please’.

Cllr Andrew Hollyer Lib Dem, Oak Tree Lane, Haxby