IT'S not everyday you meet a real life hero - but here is Press Camera Club member Andrew Briggs shaking hands with Apollo 13 astronaut Jim Lovell.

Jim Lovell was the astronaut in the ill-fated Apollo 13 mission, the drama of which was turned into a Hollywood film with Jim played by Tom Hanks.

Andrew shared the photo with us alongside a set of his own favourite images for our regular Behind the Lens feature where Press Camera Club members tell us about their passion and share their favourite photos.

Here is Andrew's story:

Where do you live?

Huntington, York

What is your age



I am a retired railway supervisor but work part time, as a delivery driver, for York Motor Factors

When and why did you take up photography?

I've always had an interest in photography but have had much more time to focus on getting out with the camera in recent years, especially as I now only work part time.

Why do you love taking pictures?

I love being out in the countryside with my camera. It's the freedom and fresh air, combined with spectacular scenery. I love the sea and I love being in the mountains where you can just forget about everyday life and concentrate on the surroundings.

What equipment do you use?

My main camera is a Canon 6D MK2. I also have various lenses that I use depending on the scenario.

York Press: Forth Rail Bridge at sunset by Andrew BriggsForth Rail Bridge at sunset by Andrew Briggs

What is the favourite picture you have taken?

My favourite is the picture of Loch Fada, on The Isle of Skye, with The Old Man of Storr in the background. It was very early in the morning and I was being eaten alive by midges. But it was worth it!

Where is your favourite place to take photos?

The Highlands and Islands of Scotland without a doubt. There is everything there that a landscape photographer could wish for. I just feel so at home and immersed every time I visit.

When and why did you join The Press Camera Club?

May 2018. It's always nice to show your pictures in the hope that other people like them. I also enjoy seeing pictures by other photographers in the group. Many of them are truly stunning.

If you could photograph anyone or any place who/what would it be and why?

I am finally going to Iceland next year and I'd love to go to Northern Norway at some point. The Northern Lights are calling me!

What advice would you give anyone who wants to get into photography?

Get out in the fresh air and enjoy yourself. Modern phone cameras take excellent pictures. If you get more into photography I'd suggest a DSLR or Mirrorless because they have more creative options. But whatever camera you use, take pictures for yourself. It's very addictive.

Anything else you wish to tell us?

If anyone is interested in seeing more of my photos they can be viewed on

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