The claim that ‘81 per cent of participants support the [Haxby] station proposal’ (The Press, May 24) is open to misinterpretation.

To be clear, 81 per cent of respondents said they support building a station in Haxby.

Respondents did NOT say they support the council’s proposal for a station in the green belt, in a location difficult to access by walking, cycling or bus, with no toilets, shop, or cafe. In fact, the consultation did not ask whether or not people support the Lib Dem/Green council’s proposal.

I spent a day in Haxby, attending a station consultation event and speaking to local residents. It was clear that there is very little support for the administration’s plans.

The Towthorpe Road location has been chosen purely for expedience. Other sites that could better serve the people of North York haven’t been properly considered and no carbon impact assessments have been made before picking this one.

This station protect is looking like it’s going to be yet another poorly-planned transport project with no joined-up thinking. A wasted opportunity to get a great new local station with the support of residents.

Cllr Rachel Melly,

Labour transport spokesperson, West Offices, York