It’s a well-known fact that as a nation we all like to try our hands at baking, and since the start of The Great British Bake Off over ten years ago, it's become a popular hobby.

But for those who might not be so confident in the kitchen, you’d be forgiving for feeling overwhelmed when seeing all the delicious and star baker standard desserts across Instagram.

Well, now there’s a way that makes baking easy for everyone, with online retailer Mon Dessert specialising in making bake-at-home kits that get sent straight to your front door.

And I was lucky enough to try my hand at a Mon Dessert kit, as I was sent the Swedish Cinnamon Bun kit.

York Press: The Mon Dessert Baking Kit. (Emilia Kettle)The Mon Dessert Baking Kit. (Emilia Kettle)

Bake till you make it:

As someone who has grown up baking and is confident in the kitchen, this was my first-time baking Cinnamon Buns so I was at slightly wary of whether the kit would make it simple for new bakers.

But all my concerns quickly vanished as soon as I opened the kit, the box has everything you need with all the ingredients measured out and even a round silicone mould to bake the buns in, so need to rush and get equipment.

Plus, it comes with a handy card that has a QR code on it that takes you straight to the recipe online, so you don’t even need to hunt around for the method.

One tip I would suggest before starting the bake is to read the recipe through in full and make sure you understand it.

York Press: Before being baked. (Emilia Kettle)Before being baked. (Emilia Kettle)

As there were points during the method that could have been simplified, but it is all down to personal choice.

Once I got the hang of the recipe it was quick and easy there was no need to worry about getting the measurements spot on as someone has already saved you a job.

After I made the mix and let them prove ready to go in the oven, I did have my doubts that they would rise and come out perfectly.

But I was pleasantly surprised by the result, as the buns had come out looking just like the examples and even better, they tasted amazing.

Overall, the baking kit is perfect for any new baker or for anyone that wants to expand their baking skills but isn’t sure where to start.

The Mon Dessert kits save you all the worry of hunting down the exact ingredients and getting the measurements spot on.

Gives you plenty of time to focus on making sure you are following the method to get the best result.

York Press: Swedish Cinnamon Buns. (Emilia Kettle)Swedish Cinnamon Buns. (Emilia Kettle)

Try your hand at baking:

For my first-time baking cinnamon buns, I would say it was a success, though I’m not sure if the buns are Paul Hollywood handshake worthy, maybe runner-up Star Baker.

If you fancy trying your hand at fuss-free baking, you can try out one of Mon Dessert baking kits now via the website.

With the chance to bake doughnuts, cakes, macrons, and more, kits start from £10 per kit with options to get more kits and save money.

Try out a Mon Dessert baking kit now.

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