WILL HARRISON feels that his boxing is coming together after winning the third fight of his professional career.

The boxer, who is based in York, fought the veteran journeyman Naeem Ali at Doncaster Racecourse, beating him on points by 40-36.

A fighter known for his defence, Ali was beaten by an opponent that was able to breach his guard on more than one occasion.

The win means Harrison is unbeaten in his young career having won his first three clashes, going up against Ali and previously Fonz Alexander and Gary McGuire.

Speaking to VIP TV, Harrison said, “I think it’s all coming together.

“It’s about sharp boxing at the moment. Not getting hit and getting these fights out of the way.

“The stuff that I can work on for particular opponents, we can get all of that to come together when it comes about.”

In the final round of the fight that took place late last month, Harrison was able to land a backhand on Ali that was a particularly impressive strike.

Harrison would also display aspects of his inexperience, though, noticeably when he kept looking to land strikes to the head in spite of Ali utilising a high guard.

“That’s another thing to work on,” noted Harrison. “Slipping off on that left to the body.

“I got a few peaches up there a couple of times, I heard him take a deep breath, but I wasn’t throwing them too long because he was being a bit sneaky.

“(He was) trying to get counters in, so I was thinking about that.

“I dug a few to his body and I think he argued a little bit, it was an entertaining fight.”

Harrison trains under Sean O’Hagan, father of title-winning Yorkshire boxer Josh Warrington.

The York fighter trains in the same gym as Warrington, as well as current world champion Maxi Hughes and Reece Mould, who currently has 15 wins and just one loss and previously fought Leigh Wood for the British Featherweight Title.

“Sean’s telling me to get my jab, movement and get some right hands and sneaky shots when I can, just clean boxing,” reflected Harrison.

“I’ve had 23 fights, Josh has two world titles and the other lads have done well in amateurs.

“Not only am I the young one, I’m having to make up time and put the work in.”