A TOWN near York has been hit by another bout of anti-social and criminal behaviour by teenagers.

North Yorkshire Police is appealing for assistance in identifying three boys and a girl involved in causing criminal damage to the football changing rooms on Ethel Ward, Calf Close, in Haxby, just before 8pm on Wednesday.

It says they were seen running towards and kicking a door, causing it to break open and causing costly damage before running away across the field.

"The incident was captured on CCTV and inquiries to identify those involved are ongoing," it says.

One boy had short blond hair and was wearing dark and thick rimmed rectangle glasses, another had short brown hair and was wearing black Adidas tracksuit bottoms and a thick navy blue puffa jacket, while the third boy had short dark blond hair and was wearing a slim fit black t-shirt and a dark grey tracksuit.

The girl had blond hair worn in two French plaits, and was wearing black leggings and a black short zip up top.

Anyone with information should email claire.viney@northyorkshire.police.uk or call 101 and ask for Claire-Louise Viney.

The Press reported last month how residents were disgusted after teenagers 'mindlessly trashed' public toilets near a Haxby shopping centre.