Although I’ve been to the Hard Rock Café in London & New York, this was for novelty value rather repeat visits. I’m most unimpressed with plans to open one in York (York Hard Rock Café set for Coney Street, May 30).

Firstly, how many burger joints can one small city sustain? There certainly are a plethora already. Not the most healthy food for humans or the planet either. Also there are already many understaffed eateries everywhere.

Secondly, and more importantly, TK Maxx in Coney Street, where this café will be, is one of the few decent browsing shops left in our depleted city centre, either for a spontaneous potter or when making a visit to look for a particular cooking utensil, food treat, accessory or Christmas stocking filler. Others go for clothes.

It would be much missed - and I’m still missing HomeSense.

Also, how about the TKM staff? Are they disposable?

If there must be another burger joint, could they please use already empty premises and leave us one of the few treasure trove hunting emporia remaining?

Dorothy Nicholson, Fishergate