At the time of the vote of no confidence we were rightly told that the nation needs strong leadership in the face of Ukraine, the cost of living and the consequences of Covid.

We now find that many Tory MPs are dissatisfied with the result and have promised to disrupt Parliamentary business in response.

Ukraine, the cost of living and Covid have not gone away, and the Tory party, quite apart from their leader, are showing themselves totally unfit to govern.

Time for a general election!

Anthony Day, Lastingham Terrace, York


Drawing a line

The PM and his henchpersons want us all to draw a line under ‘it’. But what sort of line is not specified.

This could be a fatal tactical error. There are wobbly lines, dotted lines, wiggly lines, straight lines, crooked lines, rail lines, real lines, parallel lines, thin red lines (far too Socialist for Mr Johnson), the finishing line...I could go on but you’ll get the picture.

LBJ used to be the initials for the US Presidential successor to John F Kennedy, but now it could equally fit ‘Line-drawing Boris Johnson’.

As far as the current occupant of No 10 goes, would a full stop be preferable, with the furniture vans geared to move in at the drop of a party hat?

Derek Reed, Middlethorpe Drive, York


The future looks miserable

Thanks to 148 inconsequential narcissists, people can look forward to a miserable future, with no money and no prospects. One major problem looms: Socialists, Lib Dems and SNP politicians know only how to spend. They are clueless on how to create the required wealth to be so profligate.

Peter Rickaby, West Park, Selby


Imperfect leaders

The furore over partygate and the recent vote of confidence regarding Boris Johnson’s position as PM to my mind just show he’s only human. This makes him imperfect but more normal.

The Catholic Bishop of Galway and Kilmacduagh from 1976 to 1992, Eamonn Casey, resigned following the discovery of his affair with the American Annie Murphy.

Many Catholics found the revelation upsetting. But more found it liberating that even people in high office are human and filled with feelings and imperfections.

DM Deamer, Monkgate, York