BUYING records on a Saturday brings back many happy memories.

And Press readers have been reminiscing about visiting Hugh Robertson's The Music Shop at 28 Pavement.

David Williamson sparked a flood of memories on one of our Facebook pages when he posted a photo of a record from The Music Shop and asked the question: "Who remembers this record shop in Pavement?"

Well, plenty people did!

Kath Pexton worked there in the 1970s, while Dodger Young recalled shopping there.

Posting in The Press's nostalgia group on Facebook, Why We Love York - Memories, he said: "I bought Jean Genie from Hugh Robertson. He had seven-inch pigeon holes on the counter with each having a number and the records moved week to week depending where they were placed in that week’s top 30. "

John Grant replied: "Used to go into Hugh Robertson’s on a Saturday morning after the ABC kids cinema for the top 20 list on an A4 sheet of paper. We’d get a few copies and make paper aeroplanes and drop them from the car park on top of Stonebow House. Often landing on the bus stop shelters."

Ian Smith recalled going to Mackenzies record shop - which was on Bridge Street - and said: "The day after Led Zeppelin IV was released we crammed into the booth listening to Stairway to Heaven. We’d never heard anything like it before so, I got all my pocket money together and went back the next day and bought the album. That was 1971!

"I remember my mate buying Mother of Mine by Neil Reid for his Mum (or so he said) and I bought a few other singles there like Virginia Plain by Roxy Music and Life on Mars by David Bowie."

Dodger Young also gave Mackenzies the thumbs up. "Mackenzies was great as they had listening booths. I remember WH Smith’s and Sound Effects had booths too. We would go in town on a Saturday with no money to buy any records but would spend hours going from shop to shop listening to albums."

Where did you buy records in York - and what was your first purchase? Share your memories with us on Facebook at