D-Day approaches for Ordnance Lane houses The fate of a group of early Twentieth Century houses will be decided by York’s planning committee this Thursday.

Despite calls by the local history society, York Civic Trust and others, the proposals for the Ordnance Lane redevelopment remain largely as they were before a public engagement process.

The houses were built to provide accommodation for staff at the Ordnance Depot and Military Hospital, and are similar to others on which the council is spending millions refurbishing and improving their energy efficiency. Unfortunately Liberal Democrat and Green councillors want to sacrifice this small piece of history to make way for their treasured Passivhaus designs.

The houses face south and their open gardens could become a green walkway from the traffic of Fulford Road to the quiet of the new estate.

One house is of a particularly nice Arts and Crafts design and a 1924 picture shows it behind a group of soldiers.

Unless councillors finally realise the importance of preserving York’s military heritage, it looks like these homes will soon be nothing but rubble.

I have booked a three-minute slot to speak at the meeting, I hope the councillors will be listening.

Christopher Rainger, Grange Street, York