PoundToy has released a summer toy bundle that comes with an exclusive free gift. 

The incredible bundle comes chock full of toys perfect for keeping your kids entertained over the holidays. 

Whether you're looking for a bargain bundle to keep them occupied or you want to get them out in the fresh air when the weather is nice. 

Here's everything that is included in the bundle and how much it will set you back. 

PoundToy launches summer toy bundle with a free gift

"We've created this exclusive summer bundle for families across the UK to enjoy during the summer holidays," PoundToy commented.

The toy company added: "As we know that weather keeps changing across the country, we wanted to offer parents the opportunity to invest in budget-friendly toys that will keep their kids entertained even if the forecast changes.

"We have also included a special free gift as part of this bundle, which we hope will allow our customers to enjoy the lovely sunshine with their children as we want everyone to have fun together in the sunshine."

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The outside toy set includes a variety of toys so there's something for every little one. 

You'll find everything from an exciting cyclone machine to a thrilling lawn dart game. 

Pound Toy's top-secret free gift which is set to keep the children entertained for hours in the garden.

The brilliant bundle Includes:

  • Bubbletastic 1 Litre Bubble Solution  
  • Swirling Bubble Cyclone Machine
  • Jumbo Pavement Chalk Brush    
  • Lawn Dart Game
  • Inflatable Football
  • Pack of 3 Assorted Rubber Coloured Balls
  • Hydrostorm Blaster Foam Water Pump Squirter    
  • Sporty Skipping Rope
  • Glider Plane Kit            
  • Play Project Make Your Own Bouncy Balls
  • Zorbz 75 Instant Self Sealing Water Bombs
  •  Surge Fling Ring 25cm
  • Magic Bubble Sword
  • **Free Gift** 

PoundToy's summer toy bundle is available for £40 (down from £50) and can be purchased via the PoundToy website.