What a wonderful outpouring of love and affection from all over the country and the world for a fantastic lady, the Queen, during the Jubilee Bank Holiday.

She is the matriarch of this great country, a motherly figure to one and all, and has been a wise and stable non-controversial figure during the last 70 years.

If politicians of all parties and all heads of states showed the same decorum the world would be a far better place.

DM Deamer, Penleys Grove Street, Monkgate, York


Dunnington street party

Dunnington Parish Council would like to thank all of those who helped us, both voluntarily and also in providing the entertainment and refreshments, in preparing and organising the Platinum Jubilee street party and making it the success that it was. There are too many to mention.

But we would like to thank in particular the WI for their hard work and effort in providing the cakes and cream teas which went down well - not forgetting of course the National Lottery whose donation made the event possible, at no cost to the Parish, together with some sponsorship from Costcutter.

And last but not least a big thank you to those of you who attended, we hope that you enjoyed the day in the sunshine.

Gill Shaw, Holly Tree Croft, Dunnington, York


Tale of two villages

Driving from York to Helmsley, you go through two attractive neighbouring villages, Sutton-on-the-Forest and Stillington. I have always thought them very similar, like non-identical twins.

Until the eve of the Jubilee, that is.

On June 1 we went through Sutton-on-the-Forest. Not a single Union Jack to be seen.

And then through Stillington. Flags everywhere, apparently on every house, with affectionate effigies of Her Majesty as a bonus.

Have I missed something? Are we still living in the days of Cavaliers and Roundheads?

Peter Hollindale, Grange Garth, York


Animal rights anger

I found the actions by the so called ‘Animal Rights Group’ during the Trooping of the Colour to celebrate the Queen’s 70 years on the throne absolutely disgusting.

I really hope that the court system make an example of them and put them just where they belong, behind bars for the longest time possible.

M Horsman, Moorland Road, York