I never thought that I would be writing this letter.

I write to my MP, Julian Sturdy, from time to time but he rarely replies.

I’ve always thought that this is because he shares few of my liberal views about asylum seekers and the like.

Thus, when I read that when asked if he had written to the Chief Whip’s office to express his reservations about the PM and Partygate he replied that ‘he was waiting for the Sue Gray report before commenting’, I thought he was doing little other than delaying the announcement that he was a sycophantic enabler of the grubbiest holder of the office of Prime Minister in our life-time.

I was wrong.

Sue Gray has published her report and Julian has responded appropriately, telling the public that it is ‘in the public interest’ for the Prime Minister to quit.

I apologise to him.

Julian Sturdy, I - and, I’m sure, most of your constituents - gratefully salute you.

John Craven, Main Street, Nether Poppleton