ALL Saints Roman Catholic School at Mill Mount, York, can keep two 'temporary ' buildings until 2025.

"A Business Case for funding to build a new school or improve the existing buildings has been sent to the DfE on several occasions and we are still pursuing this as a school in conjunction with the Diocese and Local Authority.," it told the council in its application.

The buildings are needed for the school to provide quality accommodation suitable for education and meet requirements set by Ofsted and the Department for Education.

"Since the two buildings (A) and (B) were erected in 2009 and 2017 respectively, there has been increased pressures due to expanding student numbers," the school also said.

A report by council planning staff says the units occupy a former tennis court and informal play area.

The older of the two units is double stacked and has been painted dark brown and extensively repaired since the last permission was given. The second adjoining unit is painted mustard and is in better physical order.

Granting the extension, their report concluded: "In view of the statutory duty for the on-going provision of school places, the clear difficulties he school faces in terms of the maintenance of its building stock and the progress achieved to resolve that, it is felt on balance acceptable to recommend a further temporary permission of five years."