Petrol prices rise again according to (The Press, May 28).

Rishi Sunak cut 5p per litre off the duty in March, but prices are now 5p per litre more than they were then, giving the oil companies a 10p per litre boost to their bloated profits.

A ‘windfall tax’ on fuel to fund insulation/ renewables to help cut household fuel bills would be a green win-win all round.

And with ‘Clean Air Day’ next week, switching off the engine while waiting outside school/ on the phone/ in queues/ at bus stops must be another win-win all round?

Cutting out short local car trips and car sharing for longer ones are also obvious win-win solutions to high energy costs, pollution and personal fitness.

Aren’t we all ‘confused’ as to why so many able-bodied people don’t do this more, leaving roads clearer for buses, deliveries, and those with no alternative?

Cllr Andy D’Agorne, Green Party, Broadway West, York


Put a cap on bus and train fares to cut car use

In order to restore European unity on oil and gas sanctions against Russia, oil and gas consumption have to be radically reduced right across Europe.

The quickest, easiest, cheapest and simplest way to achieve this is a cap on all bus and train fares across Europe. This will radically reduce the use of private cars. A maximum £5 rail fare and a maximum £1 bus fare, metro, tram or underground fare will increase the use of public transport and reduce the use of cars. Obviously governments right across Europe have to step in to fund this.

We are in the middle of an undeclared war. Can we start acting as if we are at war, please?

Nigel Boddy, Greencroft Close, Darlington