Boris Johnson turned 10 Downing Street into a boozy nightclub, with vomit, wine-spattered walls, punch-ups and illegal parties.

Boris and acolytes are found guilty of breaking the ministerial code. Johnson’s solution: change the code so no one has to resign. The chaotic toddler mumbles a brief apology and lurches away toward the next catastrophe.

Shell and BP make £40 billion in profits while throwing millions of people into poverty. Solution: launch a windfall tax, nine months late, while providing loopholes so companies don’t actually have to pay. Give an energy bill handout to second home owners and millionaires, not just those struggling to pay bills.

Dismantle Channel 4 because they sometimes criticise you. Ban the right to protest.

Soldier on with Brexit, though it costs the nation billions. Tear up the Northern Ireland Protocol, though it means there can be no trade deal with the US.

Quick, another diversion. Bring back jars and tins in pounds and ounces - good old Blighty.

Who pays for all these failures? We do. Time gentlemen please. The Tories must go.

Christian Vassie, Blake Court, Wheldrake, York