YORK boxer Will Harrison “can’t put into words” how much he has learnt since transitioning into the world of professional boxing.

Harrison will be fighting Naeem Ali, a journeyman from Blackburn, tomorrow at Doncaster Racecourse.

With two wins already on his record, the fighter is looking ahead having taken in much over the past year and a half.

“I can’t put into words how much I’ve learnt,” enthused Harrison.

“I’ve become a completely different fighter. I’ve taken everything that I did good and made it better and I’ve improved all the parts of my game that I was lacking in.

“(There’s been) massive improvements.”

Harrison turned his sights to the professional world towards the end of 2020 after an amateur career that saw him crowned a Yorkshire Belt champion at 63kg.

The York-born fighter trains in Garforth under Sean O’Hagan at the same gym as the likes of Josh Warrington and Maxi Hughes.

“It just shows that, obviously, they’re normal lads that have come off these top amateur programmes,” noted Harrison.

“They’ve done it the hard way, but they’ve grinded to get there.

“You get to see what it takes, what your mindset has to be, your workrate.

“They’re always there to tell me very small things that you’d never think of, but they help you in the fight.

“It’s massively beneficial. Hopefully I’ll go in on Saturday and get the job done. It’d be nice to get out two more times this year if I can be.

“Keep active, keep every two or three months, get an outing, get as much experience as I can.”

“(I’ve been improving) small little bits,” reflected Harrison.

“Where I’m exiting after throwing a shot, when to strike and when to put faints in, how to control the pace and to control my opponent.

“They’re the main things I’ve been working on. (I) just (want to) show clean boxing.

“Everything that I’ve been working on that’s been coming, my timing, my speed, my power. Everything is improving.

“It’ll be great to get in there and show it to everybody.”