YORK racer Bart Harrison has moved up to second place in the Senior X30 British Kart championships.

Harrison, who is just 14-years-old, competes against racers that are almost twice his age and represents the Lincolnshire-based Mick Barrett Racing Team.

He was the youngest on the grid in the second round of the WERA British Kart Championships which took place at Warden Law in the North East.

Harrison won his first heat, lining up in fourth on the grid for the final race with 15 minutes plus one lap at speeds of up to 70mph.

This was around the 1200-metre Karting North East track.

Harrison spent much of the race in fourth position, though he had put a considerable distance between himself and the racers behind him.

In the later stages of the race he closed in on the top three drivers, recording the fastest lap as he did so.

The York-based racer was able to enter third position but narrowly missed out on a podium finish, the final minutes of the race seeing conditions change due to rain.

Harrison moved up to the senior racing level earlier this year, after finding success in the Junior X30 ranks.

There, he won the Junior X30 International IAME Winter Cup in Valencia. He became the first and only person to win the event twice, as well as being the youngest ever winner.

Looking towards upcoming UK championships, Harrison will race at Glan Y Gors next month in North Wales.

After that he will go to Italy in July, where he will take part in round three of the European IAME X30 karting championships.

This will take place at the Seven Laghi International Circuit, at Castelletto di Branduzzo.