A MOTORIST whose careless driving caused the death of a much loved father, grandfather, motorcyclist and colleague will “live with the mistake for the rest of her life”, a court heard.

Newly retired Geoff Hill, 65, was “there to be seen” as he rode his beloved motorcycle home from a seaside trip with his son-in-law, said district judge Adrian Lower at York Magistrates’ Court.

He died at the scene after Rachel Brizzolara, 28, turned across his path on a “long, straight stretch” of the A166 between York and Stamford Bridge and crashed into him.

The friend she was taking for a lockdown walk in June 2020 suffered a partially collapsed lung, broken rib, broken finger and a broken nose in the collision.

Mr Hill’s daughter Amber Malone told the court: “The impact on his family, friends and colleagues and those who knew him really has been immense.”

Some members of the family had been unable to attend his funeral because of Covid restrictions.

“You only needed to see the number of people who turned out to line the streets on the day of his funeral to see the number of people whose lives he touched,” she said.

In a personal statement, Mr Hill’s partner Helen Kerslake said the couple had many plans for enjoying his retirement, including travelling abroad when Covid restrictions relaxed.

“Then in the blink of an eye all our plans, hopes and dreams were wiped out on that fatal day,” she said.

Brizzolara, of Carr Lane, Acomb, pleaded guilty to causing Mr Hill’s death by careless driving.

She was made subject to an 18-month community order with 200 hours’ unpaid work and banned from driving for 12 months. She was ordered to pay a £90 statutory surcharge and £85 prosecution costs.

Martin Butterworth, prosecuting, said Brizzolara was turning right on a “long, straight stretch” of the A166 into Eastfield Lane between Gate Helmsley and Dunnington at 12.30pm on June 23, 2020. The weather was fine.

She was following directions on Google Maps or a similar system as she drove herself and her front seat passenger to Hagg Wood near Dunnington.

District judge Lower said Mr Hill did everything he should.

Brizzolara’s solicitor Kevin Blount said: “There is no explanation she can give. She simply didn’t see him.”

He said the collision had been caused by “momentary inattention”.

“Rachel Brizzolara will live with the mistake she made that day for the rest of her life,” said Mr Blount.

“This event has had a huge impact on two families.

“She is full of remorse for what happened.”

She had had time off work and been treated for post traumatic stress disorder following the collision, the court heard.

The district judge accepted Brizzolara had not intended to kill Mr Hill.

The court heard she had had a full driving licence for two years before the collision.