THERE was never any doubt the appeal inspector at Frederick House would allow additional height to comply with latest insulation standards on new buildings.

The few extra inches involved were insignificant in relation to the massive overall scheme that the planning committee had already accepted.

The time to make a stand against excessive height and bulk was when the original application was first put in front of them.

Committee members could at that time have legitimately and reasonably stated there should be no increase over three storeys which already existed in the previous office block, excepting the possibility of a pitched roof rather than a flat top. Such a scheme would have been far more appropriate and not so overbearing to neighbours.

Better still the committee could have given weight to its own sustainability policies and asked officers to negotiate with developers a possibility of remodelling the existing office building and put on a pitched roof to both improve its appearance and provide additional rooms that way.

Instead, members agreed the destruction of yet another perfectly sound building for no real reason other than to stack up hundreds of new student rooms to the detriment of neighbouring residents.

Matthew Laverack,

Laverack Associates Architects,

Lord Mayors Walk,



Fine people using mobiles while driving

THE York Press often highlights the dangers of the using of mobile phones while on the move.

I was taken aback to be nearly knocked down by an elderly lady driving at an excessive speed, one handed, a phone in the other hand, as she turned on the footpath sharply from Goodramgate into Lord Mayors Walk.

Anyone using a mobile phone in any type of moving vehicle is an absolute danger to others and should show more common sense and be fined if necessary.

D M Deamer,

Penleys Grove Street,

Monkgate, York


"Partygate" reveals media double standards

THE Met police investigation into ‘Partygate’ is being vigorously questioned by the left political parties and their comrades in the media, led as always by our ‘impartial' BBC.

Funny how the Durham police’s initial cursory, perfunctory investigation into Labour’s ‘Beergate’ episode was never questioned by these ‘moral high ground’ proponents.

Double standards abound, but is anybody surprised?

Geoff Robb,

Hunters Close,

Dunnington, York


No thanks, Chelsea

POLITICAL correctness has finally taken hold at the world famous Chelsea Flower Show.

Hailed as the best garden on display is a "wild" uncultivated one which 99 per cent of the population would certainly not want to view from their lounge window.

Peter Rickaby,

West Park,


North Yorkshire


Brave act

NOW that football player Jake Daniels has been brave enough to come out as gay, it would be a real shame if we didn't know of a squad of eleven professional players in the beautiful game here in the UK who are openly gay by the time a week or so has passed. What an incredibly courageous young man he is.

Haway the lads.

Cllr Nigel Boddy,

Witney Ct

Greencroft Close



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