I wonder just who this rodent is that sneaks around the corridors of power, taking photographs with a hidden camera then leaking them one at a time to the media?

Whoever it is must get something out of it. Time to put it to bed though what with Putin saying he can make the UK a nuclear wasteland in minutes. He is also holding the world to ransom over the grain that Ukraine has in its ports and can’t export thanks to his blockade. I’m also worried that China will invade Taiwan.

Then there are the power firms making vast profits and paying out obscene bonus payments. The hospitality industry around and about the headquarters of these establishments are reaping eye watering profits and laughing all the way to the banks.

How are the energy bills going to be paid later on this year? Who is going to help? Bailiffs are going to be very busy.

Covid is still a serious problem, as is the NHS. Face-to-face doctor appointments are very hard to get, NHS dental appointments virtually impossible.

All this going on and all the media are bothered about is a few drinks in the office. I’m not saying that what went on is right, but these are more important things to worry about.

M Horsman, Moorland Road, York