I would just like to express my thanks to President Joe Biden and his team for pulling the rug from under Boris Johnson’s deceit.

Boris lied to the Queen, the people of the UK and Parliament when he said that there would be no borders in Ireland or the Irish Sea.

When this didn’t work he illegally prorogued parliament in order to get his ‘oven ready’ deal signed. Within a week of the European Union accepting his deal he decided to rip it up and blame the EU’s intransigence, a narrative eagerly supported by The Telegraph, Mail and Express.

It appears that Boris doesn’t think that the EU should have the right to control its own borders but the UK has every right. Its as simple as this - as a result of Boris’s lies the island of Ireland is now in turmoil and the Good Friday agreement is in jeopardy.

I totally support President Biden’s stance that no free trade deal is possible with the UK if Boris and his team of enablers go ahead with their threat to unilaterally withdraw from the agreement Boris both wrote and signed.

George McClough, Easingwold, York