At a time when government, local authorities and householders alike are struggling with the ever-increasing cost of living, I thought you may wish to hear how some organisations are immune.

Recently £300 went out of my household account on an annual payment for ‘Ground Rent.’ This throwback to feudal times, that purchases nothing, improves nothing, was included in my lease. I had no option other than to accept it.

The demand for payment comes with a stream of draconian threats of severe penalties if payment is in anyway delayed, including that of being evicted.

Thousands of people like me will have to pay this ‘spiv tax’, especially all of those who have bought an apartment in a city centre.

As far as I can see ‘ground rent’ simply keeps a few in very soft jobs, it does not improve life in any way. They don’t even have to worry about inflation because built into the contract is a clause stating that the rent will double every so many years.

Any decent government would scrap this exploitative, unfair arrangement . It is pointless government giving subsidies to struggling households whilst allowing the collection of anachronistic tithes by exploitative organisations.

How can the north/south economies ever be levelled up when £millions are been drained by such ‘taxes’ and taken from the north to provide easy living in the south.

Howard Hawley, Address supplied