A SINGER songwriter from York is celebrating chart success with a track co-penned with Bee Gees legend, Robin Gibb.

As The Press previously reported, Alistair Griffin has released a special collection of songs in memory of his musical mentor.

And, at the weekend his tribute to the BeeGee’s legend reached No.5 in the iTunes chart following it’s release last week, with new song Forever Today garnering praise from celebrity admirers.

Following an interview on BBC Radio 2's Steve Wright in the Afternoon fans flocked to download the new album, a tribute to Alistair’s old friend and mentor Robin Gibb who passed away ten years ago this week.

The Radio 2 DJ praised the new album, a celebration of Robin’s hits and said new song, ‘Forever Today’, co-written with Robin was “very moving”.

The album peaked at No.5 alongside the likes of Ed Sheeran and Little Mix and was only prevented from going higher by Eurovision’s Sam Ryder.

With Twitter buzzing following the interview, another Radio 2 favourite Jeremy Vine got on board praising the song saying “This is beautiful”.

Fans from around the world took to social media to praise the album and the newly uncovered song, with Eddie and Karen Rogers from Kentucky commenting on Facebook - “I absolutely love this song! Robin will be in our hearts forever!” and Jacqueline Hughes from New York commenting - “It is a wonderful album, you did beautiful work, his legacy lives on in his music.”

Ken Graydon, Robin’s manager also left a heartfelt message saying “Congratulations Alistair, Robin would have been very proud of you”.

Alistair first met Robin when he was a judge on the BBC’s Fame Academy, which he finished as runner up.

Robin championed Alistair throughout Fame Academy, regularly praising his voice and delivery. Indeed, so impressed was Robin that upon conclusion of the series, in which Alistair reached the final, he invited him to duet on a re-recording of a Bee Gees song, “My Lover’s Prayer”.

Alistair went on the road with Robin performing the song alongside him on the Magnet Tour of Germany in 2005.

They ended up writing the song Forever Today together for a film but the song was never used in the film and has remained unreleased until now.

In a busy week of interviews Alistair said he was thrilled to see Robin’s name back in the charts.

He said: “It’s a great tribute to the man to see his name back in the charts but above all it’s wonderful to see the love people still have for him and his music after all these years.”

The tracks were released on May 16 – ten years after Robin sadly passed away, aged 63, after a courageous cancer battle.

But now it’s to get the public airing it deserves – and it’s hoped Bee Gees fans will rally behind this collector’s item as Robin’s wonderful words and music are heard again.