We all have our own food pairings that others may think are bizarre. Maybe you like normal butter on your peanut butter sandwich, or perhaps you snack on beetroot daily, maybe you think your obsession with pickles is abnormal. 

But these are nothing compared to the results surveyed by Tombola. The bingo company conducted two surveys of 1000 people to ask them what they thought about some of the most bizarre TikTok food pairings.

And trust us, the results are far more shocking than you could imagine...

1 in 6 people surveyed said they would have tuna with ice cream.

York Press: (Tombola)(Tombola)

A video on TikTok boasting 4.8 million likes shows the creator trying tuna with vanilla ice cream and rating it 10/10 when it comes to taste. And, 16% of those surveyed by tombola are willing to give the food combination a try, but they also think it’s the weirdest combination of foods.

And we definitely agree.

More people however were willing to try that than pickles and honey (11%) and mixing popular spreads and sauces such as Nutella and mayonnaise (13%).

30% of the UK said they would dip their McDonald’s fries into a milkshake.

This age old pairing has divided fast food lovers for years, with McDonald’s even suggesting you give it a go.

York Press: (Tombola)(Tombola)

UK’s strangest food pairings

(Survey 1)

  • McDonald’s fries dipped in milkshake
  • Hummus and pickles
  • Pasta and gravy
  • Mushrooms with peanut butter and jam
  • Pickles and honey
  • Strawberries and Salt
  • Uncooked Pasta

(Survey 2)

  • Cucumber and sugar
  • Peanut butter and pickles
  • Watermelon and mustard
  • Tomato and chocolate
  • Tuna and ice cream
  • Nutella and mayonnaise