THE Government has allocated more than £1.13 million to help York and North Yorkshire businesses start exporting, says York Outer MP Julian Sturdy.

The Tory MP said this was the regional share of the Department for Trade’s Internationalisation Fund, providing match funding grants of up to £9,000 for small and medium-sized enterprises to help them begin selling their products abroad.

"This pays for expert advice to overcome trade barriers and break into new markets, also covering exhibiting at trade fairs and other visits," he said.

"This funding, of which over £526,000 remains, is being distributed via the York and North Yorkshire Local Enterprise Partnership up to December 31.

"Evidence suggests successful applicant business increase their export sales and create an average of 2 new jobs, while safeguarding 1 existing role each."

The MP said increasing productivity was the 'only real way to raise wages.'

He said: "The threat to growth from the Covid economic shock and the Ukraine invasion mean the government need to be relentless in supporting businesses to expand, create new jobs and pay higher salaries.

"Boosting overseas trade in this way can make our local economy more dynamic and productive."