RESIDENTS are furious and disgusted after teenage yobs 'mindlessly trashed' public toilets in a town near York.

A group of boys in their early teens are said to have 'booted hell' out of the doors at the toilets near a shopping centre in Haxby on Sunday afternoon.

Then they are said to have 'secreted a supermarket trolley inside, either peed or spilled liquid all over the floor for someone to slip on and filled up the toilet bowl to the brim with a shed load of toilet roll and assorted rubbish.'

A woman who posted these details on Haxby's town Facebook page said that such services were vital for everyone, especially the disabled and elderly, and urged parents to check where their 'little dears' were and ensure they knew to treat public property with respect.

More than 100 people have since commented on her post, many of them angry at the youngsters' parents for allowing them to misbehave so badly.

One woman, who said she was disabled, said she went to use the toilet and was disgusted as a gang of kids just laughed at her. She thanked a nearby cafe, Curious Coffee, for letting her use their toilet, even thought they were closing.

Another resident posted: "I blame the parents! Check up on what your brats are up to and deal with it! Generally, Haxby is a well respected community and we don’t need or want people like this living amongst us!"

A third person said: "Name and shame and prosecute. Disgusting behaviour," while another commented simply: "Feral sewer rats."

Haxby town councillor and former chair, Mark Guilford, said he was not aware of this latest incident but the last time around – just a couple months ago - he had met with ward councillor Cllr Ed Pearson and suggested the ward and town council meet to investigate measures they might take together to reduce the possibility of it happening again.

"The City of York have a contract with a company to clean and maintain the toilets but there is only so much they can do when the youths continue to vandalise the facility after hours," he said.

"I had suggested we could jointly sponsor a CCTV camera with City of York Council."

A North Yorkshire Police spokesman said: “This disgusting behaviour has caused a great deal of upset and anger in the local community.

“We’re working closely with the council to identify those involved in the criminal damage.

“Witnesses or anyone with information are urged to come forward as soon as possible."

He urged anyone able to help the investigation to phone 101, select option 1, and speak to the Force Control Room, or call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555111 quoting ref number 12220082959.