I WELCOME Quentin Macdonald’s support not to have a station at Towthorpe Road, Haxby.

As for none at all, I have to differ. It just has to be in the correct place for passengers.

As a non-resident of Haxby, he may not know of the proposed development in Haxby - talk of 700 houses.

It was a political decision made by the council on January 9 as I was told by a councillor based upon this mysterious business plan, which is so good no one can explain it!

The blame game is not the way forward, or we will have another executive going sick and another £400k payout to retire them!

Let us just let common sense prevail and have a station within Haxby in reach of passengers in Haxby. There is room.

It seems Ian Gillies' ideas are well worth looking into also. The more debate the better.

Roland S Pearson,

Towthorpe Road



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Blue badge row continues

ON April 21, Cllr Tony Fisher said on The Press website that "no-one has banned blue badge holders from the city centre. Only their cars."

This was despite telling me in an email - a whole month earlier - "I fully accept that anyone who requires immediate access to their own vehicle will not be able to access the foot streets area during the hours when vehicles are excluded".

City of York Council's code of conduct says members should be honest and truthful. I felt Cllr Fisher's comment on The Press website was disingenuous at best, so I complained to the council.

In reply, the council described Cllr Fisher's comment as "slightly dismissive" but "not necessarily...deceptive", adding that as a politician, he has "a higher right of protection to freedom of speech" (than, presumably, mere mortals like me).

My complaint was dismissed. As a result, I expect Cllr Fisher will continue to say that people with blue badges haven't been banned from the city centre, even though he accepts that some disabled people cannot visit the pedestrian area between 10.30am and 7pm on any day of the year.

David Harbourne

Buckingham Court,



Can some REAL celebs step forward

MAYBE I'm just getting old and losing the plot but these programmes that include a "celebrity " or "celebrities" are getting a bit much.

I don't recognise many of them by name or facial recognition at all. It seems they have all had a ten-second walk on part in a third or fourth rate TV show and suddenly they are elevated to celebrity status.

The interviewers on the shows must have some very good researchers to do the legwork for them to find things about their lives. Saturday Kitchen for instance - how is it possible for someone so young to choose a food item they love or hate?

Their taste buds haven't matured yet. They probably haven't even sprouted, (chewing gum flavoured steak springs to mind).

Then comes the soon to be published biography of what I did at school today before I did my paper round then home to get my homework done.

Come on please! Give us someone who's had a life. Someone with real topical and funny stories to tell. Something to entertain us because personally I'm getting fed up Googling names and faces every time one of these programmes come on.

M Horsman,

Moorland Road,



Wagatha trial a soap opera

Is the two "wags" trial for real or a trailer of the latest soap opera to be launched on TV?

Peter Rickaby

West Park


North Yorkshire


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