A MUSIC festival is being held in memory of a ‘true legend’ who lived for his music.

Crocfest 22 is a music festival being held on Saturday, June 18, at Spencer’s Bar & Grill in Pickering, as a tribute to Jake d’Alquen.

Jake tragically died from Covid in December last year, aged just 34. He left behind two daughters aged 12 and ten and unknown to Jake at the time of his death, his girlfriend, Elisha, was also pregnant with another baby girl.

Brought up in Pickering, Jake attended Lady Lumley’s School but his first and foremost passion was music.

All money made will go into a fund for his girls’ futures.

His friend, Mark Norton, said: “Jake didn’t see the world. He heard it. He spent most of his weekends throughout his life playing live music in a multitude of bands - Chu Ma Shu - which he started in his early teens, his dad’s band The Apathy Trio, which he also joined in his early teens and until mid-2021, his acoustic duo Acoustic Brew with me - plus many others along the way.

“Jake brought happiness, and often escapism, to tens of thousands of music lovers around the county within his short stint on the planet. We want to celebrate that and bring some happiness once more - as we remember all he did, and all he was.

“So a music festival seemed like a natural choice. All proceeds from the festival will go into a fund for his girls, to give the girls more opportunities in life that they may have otherwise missed.”

The ‘CrocFest’ name is a playful jab at Jake’s awful sense of fashion. His trademark was wearing Crocs with socks, at almost every single gig he played as a musician.

For those not able to make the event, there's a prize draw which currently has almost £2,000 in prizes, a number which will rise over the coming weeks.

Visit jakesfund.org/tickets and jakesfund.org/prizedraw