A POPULAR podcast, which is about to hit the road as a show, is coming to a venue in York next week.

Since its launch in 2016 - The Guilty Feminist has grown to become less of a podcast and more of a "global phenomenon".

With over 95 million downloads in six years, with a Sunday Times bestselling book - The Guilty Feminist is part comedy, part deep-dive discussion and part activism.

Now the show is about to hit the road, with a national tour as host Deborah Frances-White presents the podcast in front of a live audience. Each show will include a variety of stand-up comics and some local guests for deep lively conversations - plus a musical act to have audiences singing in the aisles.

Deborah said: "Guilty Feminist audiences know how to bring a rock concert to a podcast recording. I can only imagine what a riot it’ll be after two years locked up."

Deborah is a comedian, podcaster and writer. She has toured the show around the world, including a sell-out show at The Royal Albert Hall in 2019.

The show comes to York Barbican on May 19 - and tickets are available on the venue's website.