I live in a street near Bishopthorpe Road and we have at least three Airbnb houses on our road (Bishy Road residents hit out over their ‘holiday lets hell’, May 9).

The problem is not just the noise but the gaps these soulless houses create in our community.

We’re a friendly bunch of neighbours but we miss the three people or families that could be living in these houses if they were rented out or sold.

There’s a wider impact though because these three households still need somewhere to live, so more new houses are built covering more green space.

Until recently there were also several thriving bed and breakfast establishments in the area. I know of at least four that have closed since Airbnb became established around here, with a loss of employment and of business for local suppliers.

So it’s not only about noise .... there are wider detriments to our local area.

Sarah Penn, Russell Street, York