A ROMAN living history camp promises to bring York Museum Gardens to life when a popular festival returns to the city.

The Eboracum Roman Festival is preparing for its comeback when the legions of Rome will take over the gardens from June 25 and 25.

York Press:

With a Kids Army, demonstrations, lectures, crafts and other Roman-themed activities for all ages, the fun-packed event has been designed to suit the whole family with free outdoor festivities.

The living history camp will showcase the sights and sounds of bygone days between 10am and 5pm.

York Press:

Visitors will also be able to head inside the Yorkshire Museum and discover some of Britain's greatest Roman treasures, including the new exhibition, The Ryedale Hoard: A Roman Mystery.

The display contains some of Yorkshire’s most significant Roman objects including an 1,800-year-old bust of the Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius.

The 13cm bust is part of a collection of bronze objects found by metal detectorists James Spark and Mark Didlick in a field near Ampleforth in Ryedale in May 2020.

For more information on the Eboracum Roman Festival 2022 visit yorkshiremuseum.org.uk.

The Museum Gardens close at 6pm. Usual admission costs apply for visitors to the museum.