It is brilliant that York City have reached the play-offs and that so many people will be going to the match this evening.

As City’s results have got better and better over recent months crowds have increased, with over 4,000 for the last home match.

Whilst this is great for supporters and the club we have seen that more and more supporters are parking on Huntington side streets with many now at capacity.

This was, of course, anticipated so before the stadium opened we attended a number of meetings to plan a strategy to help supporters and residents.

As with so many things, Covid had a considerable impact on the implementation of these plans. Work is now continuing with stadium management, Vangarde and bus operators.

For the match on Wednesday supporters can use the Vangarde car park – there are no parking restrictions after 6pm. The easiest routes to access the car park are via Malton Road and the northern ring road.

So if you can’t get to the match by bus or bike the best way to park for the match is on the Vangarde car park.

Here’s hoping City win on Wednesday and then the play-offs to get back to the National League and then back to the League. We now have the stadium that deserves a League club.

Cllrs Keith Orrell, Carol Runciman and Chris Cullwick Liberal Democrat Councillors for Huntington and New Earswick, Trent Avenue, Huntington