A York adventure park is seeking continued use of children’s ride on electric cars.

Landowner Masce Ltd of Clifton Gate Business Park, Wiggington Road, Wiggington, is applied for a Certificate of lawfulness for the use of the vehicles at the Web Adventure Park.

The application to City of York Council says the vehicles have been in continued use for more than ten years, with the adventure park opening in 2004.

“It is a large facility with indoor built space and outdoor open space of several acres, it said.

“The Site contains no listed buildings, is not in a conservation area and the use for the children’s ride on cars is entirely in keeping with the character of this leisure employment area.

“The ride-on quads have caused no impediment nor complaints, indeed they are a very popular element within the park as the data proves. The use was never contested nor queried until the operators sought clarification when making changes to the layout post Covid19.”

It also said: “The area adjacent to the park is bounded by the York Outer Ring Road, which creates far more noise and pollution than the children’s electric cars, the use in this location is not contentious and is in keeping with the designated leisure use of the park as a whole.”