A DOGGY day care centre has been proposed for a farm just outside York.

Ms Georgina Tubb seeks to change the use of a redundant agricultural brick shed and milking parlour at Stud Farm, Sutton Road, Wiggington.

Her planning application to City of York Council says the new venture would be a natural extension to her dog walking business. The farm is not a working farm and all its land is rented to other farmers in the area.

There would no external alterations to the building with all existing features and openings retained. Internal changes would be minimal.

It continued: “The dog centre will provide a complete day care service in a safe environment with constant supervision by the applicant. Dogs will be left during the day and be mentally and physically stimulated through structured play, exercise and rest.”

The business would open from 7.30am to 6pm on weekdays only and closed at weekends. A maximum of ten dogs at any time would prevent much extra traffic and the dogs would be exercised in a 7-acre grass field outside. A company would take waste away.

To prevent barking, dogs would have company and stimulation. Nervous dogs would be separate from lively dogs. The applicant would supervise them constantly. The application concluded the plan should be approved as any impacts should be minimal, with it also not viewable from the main road.