THIS photo from our archives takes us back to 1982.

The picture, dated May 8, shows some of the many visitors that poured into the new-look Leak and Thorp department store on Coney Street.

The store, taken over by the Sunderland firm of Joplings in 1981, had been closed for a complete refurbishment, costing more than £600,000. Alongside the update, the building was also split into three units consequently occupied by Etam and Chelsea Girl.

York Press: Leak and Thorp in 1984Leak and Thorp in 1984

After two days of opening to invitation-holders, the doors finally opened to the general public at 9am.

Within 10 minutes, the store, which had been closed for eight months, was once again filled with customers.

York Press: An advert for the new look Leak and Thorp in 1982An advert for the new look Leak and Thorp in 1982

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