A DEER was found trapped in the railings of a popular York park.

York resident, Gordon Gibbon, was walking his dog in Rowntree park this morning (Thursday, May 5) at 6.10am when he came across a small deer trapped in the iron railings by the riverside.

The animal's hind legs were stuck in the railings, leaving red marks where the railings had rubbed.

York Press: Deer trapped in railings of Rowntree Park Picture: Gordon GibbonDeer trapped in railings of Rowntree Park Picture: Gordon Gibbon

Gordon called the North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue service and said they promptly arrived on the scene.

The fire brigade opened the railings to release the deer and it laid on the ground, revealing the minor injury on its hind legs.

They had already received an earlier call to their control room about the trapped deer, but had been informed that it had been freed.

York Press: Trapped deer Picture: Gordon GibbonTrapped deer Picture: Gordon Gibbon

However, the fire engine and the traffic frightened the deer as vehicles drove past, and it jumped and became trapped in the railings again, which is believed to have happened three times in total.

The RSPCA arrived at approximately 9.10am to take the deer into their care.

Gordon said: "I used to be a fireman, and you would be surprised where you can find deer, including city centres - it may have been there all night."

Gordon captured the fire service rescuing the deer on video.