I find the parking charges at Castle car park unbelievable.

We’ve had a pandemic and are now faced with huge cost of living increases. Why has York council set exorbitant parking fees? Are they deliberately trying to kill York’s High Street? A charge of £2.80 an hour for the Castle car park is outrageous.

Last week, while parking, I passed a couple of visitors who were very agitated, saying: “I’m not paying all that, we’re going elsewhere”.

Most visitors coming into the city must spend several hours sightseeing, shopping and eating. An eight hour stay now costs £16.80. These visitors are spending money in businesses that pay heavy rates and are frantically trying to keep afloat and survive.

Castle car park is in appalling condition and should be free - the council should even pay the motorist for the high risk of damage! I observed a Bentley and Ferrari which made me cringe. Spaces bear no relation to car sizes and there is not enough room between rows to manoeuvre. Having reversed with great difficulty into a slot, I had to find another - I couldn’t get out!

Keith Massey, Bishopthorpe