THREE minibuses loaded with humanitarian aid are on their way to the Ukrainian thanks to the fund-raising efforts at a York school.

Students and staff at St Peter's School gathered to say goodbye to the convey as it prepared to leave during the Bank Holiday weekend.

Between them, they had raised more than £12,000 to buy the minibuses.

Before the buses left, the school's chaplain, the Reverend Daniel Jones, who coordinated the appeal, said: “I’ve been heartened to see just how much our School community has wanted to support the humanitarian work currently being done in Ukraine.

"Seeing the pupils gathered around three fully-laden minibuses today has shown very clearly what amazing work they have been doing to raise funds and collect provisions. We wish every blessing to those who will be driving out to the Ukrainian border this weekend.”

The fund-raising was on behalf of Canoe For Ukraine, a York-based charity which helps people leaving Ukraine and supports people on the Polish border.

The school had initially aimed at raising £400. When it achieved that in three days, they kept going.

After the minibuses were purchased, the charity loaded up the buses with items such as nappies, baby milk formula, toiletries, medical kits and warm blankets.