YORK has been ranked as the third safest place to live in the Uk, according to new research.

Get Licensed have looked at factors including how safe the location feels to locals, how safe it is to get a taxi and drug, weapon and violent offences to reveal the UK’s safest cities to live in.

The data shows that York is the third safest place to live in the UK with a Safety Index Score of 7.04.

The city has topped the list of locations where people feel the safest, with the UK's highest perceived safety score of 9.85 out of 10, meaning the locals really do find it a pleasant and safe place to live. Pair this with low crime rates and a good level of available taxis for getting home safe on a dark night - and York has "more than earned its place in the top three," a Get Licensed spokesperson said.

Warrington takes the top spot as the safest place in the UK having earned a Safety Index Score of 7.81. Warrington benefits from a high level of perceived safety among locals and some of the most stringent safety standards for its taxis.

Warrington also has relatively low levels of crime across most offences.