WITH the announcement by City Of York Council to strip the freedom of the City from Andrew the Duke of York (The Press, Thursday April 28 ) I would just like to say "He that is without guilt among you,let him first cast a stone".

What a bunch of spineless hypocrites we have sitting on York's council.

D M Deamer

Penleys Grove Street,

Monkgate, York

...IN the Bible, Jesus was asked his view on a woman about to be stoned to death for sexual misconduct. He answered: “let he who is without sin cast the first stone”.

So can we assume that members of York Council who were queuing up with baskets of stones to hurl at Prince Andrew (who has so far not actually been been found guilty of anything) are all so virtuous that this Christian philosophy doesn’t apply to them?

Matthew Laverack,

Eldon Street,


...THERE is no doubt Prince Andrew is a dreadful person but how petty and virtue-seeking of York City Lib Dem council to strip his freedom of the city at this time.

How do they think his mum feels? She has enough on with Harry Markle's awful publicity seeking.

They could have waited till after The Queen's upcoming celebrations.

John Zimnoch,

Osbaldwick, York

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