IN a sign of hope for the free world, Elon Musk has bought Twitter and says he is going to restore it to what it always should have been: a platform for the exercise of free speech by the masses.

I hope he means what he says and that the left wing, cancel-culture activist employees of that firm, who currently act as a filter to suppress opinions they disagree with, will either find themselves sacked or carry out their threats and turn the cancel culture gun on themselves.

However it's only a minor victory. The only person local to me who has genuine freedom of speech, without the threat of state prosecution for exercising it, is my MP.

And all he ever uses this supreme privilege for is to state that he agrees with the Prime Minister.

What’s needed is a new Bill of Rights which grants all of us the right to say what we want, without the threat of some politically motivated policemen charging us for being offensive.

After all, in my experience the most offensive thing you can ever say is the truth, that’s why those protected by parliamentary privilege find it so hard to use – it requires guts.

Dr Scott Marmion,




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