A UNIVERSITY society in York received a surprise package gifted by their favourite famous singer.

Members of University of York’s SwiftSoc, a society in which students celebrate A-list singer Taylor Swift, received a surprise parcel of Taylor’s latest merchandise from the singer herself.

The society received a message from Taylor Nation, Swift’s official management team, then they came back from the Easter break a month later to a parcel of gifts along with a note signed by Taylor.

York Press: Merchandise and note SwiftSoc received from Taylor Swift Picture: Uni of York SwiftSocMerchandise and note SwiftSoc received from Taylor Swift Picture: Uni of York SwiftSoc

Hannah Desmond, of the University of York SwiftSoc, said: "Receiving the merch has been a whirlwind of emotions.

"Back in February, our president Lauryn received a message from Taylor’s official management team, asking how big our society is and how many of our members are graduating this year - we spent hours theorising about why they wanted to know.

"A month or so later, Queens University in Canada, posted a photo on their Instagram of a box of merch Taylor Nation had sent them.

"We were so happy for them but also gutted, and concluded that they must have chosen a different SwiftSoc to send the gifts to.

"That’s when Lauryn tells us she’s been keeping a secret, and that there is a package on its way to us, we had to wait almost an entire month until we were all back in York together to be able to open it, but it was well worth the wait!

"Needless to say the committee were in pieces and I feel sorry for anyone who was revising on the first floor of the library that day as I’m sure the walls were not able to contain our excitement."

The society think that the singer discovered them through a TikTok video of theirs which went viral last year.

York's SwiftSoc was the first Taylor Swift University society, set up in 2015, and 40 other UK universities have followed suit.